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Online Registration


An Alternate Year Card is required to be submitted for students that have a Physical Card on file with the school that was done after 
April 1, 2021. 

If a student does not have a Physical Card submitted to the school, or has one on file that was done prior to April 1, 2021, they must submit a Physical Card to the school’s athletic office.

No student will be eligible to practice without ALL PAPERWORK completed and submitted 

Fees – An athletic fee of $75.00 is due for the first and second sport each academic year per athlete. The individual athlete has a cap of $150 and a family cap of $300 each academic year. Payment is requested prior to the start of the season or upon making the team. Payment can be made through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Athletics registration must be completed in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. To register your child, parents/guardians must log into the Parent Portal.

Upon entering the “Products” section of the Parent Portal, families will see all available athletic options. Here, you must click on the specific sport(s) your child would like to register for and fill out the required forms for each sport selected.  

Once forms are submitted by the parent/guardian, and an email confirmation is received after “Check Out”, student athletes must also log into and sign off on the required forms in the Student Portal